Best Practices

Every Rotary club has its own personality and way of operating. Each club has come up with new and very effective approaches to club operation, fundraising, service projects and Rotary recognition.

This page is designed for clubs to benefit from the ideas and successes of other clubs. It is hoped that by creating this page, clubs will discover ways to bring efficiencies into club operations, increasing membership and club fellowship, as well as new community service projects.

If you see something done by a club you want to emulate, contact one of the current officers of that club for more information. To look up the club leadership go to

So let's share all that knowledge. With 44 clubs in our district, think of the depth and breadth of knowledge out there. We all know Rotarians are community-minded, generous, altruistic and passionate people. And I'm saying to myself, "Why didn't I think of that?”. Your success can be our success.

Why share best practices?

Best practices nurture a culture of learning
Organizations that share best practices are more attractive to members and creates a more appreciative and accepting environment.

Best practices identify and fill knowledge gaps
It helps clubs recognize existing knowledge gaps and helps fill those holes with strategies that have proven successful in other clubs.

Best practices reduce the loss of know-how
It is inevitable we lose members, but we don't want to lose their knowledge. Know-how is an important asset and by sharing best practices we can prevent knowledge loss.

They create a collaborative environment
Sharing best practices can develop a community within our district. Rotarians can provide helpful insights and ideas which can help all of our clubs succeed, together.

Here are a couple guidelines:

1. Keep it simple
If the concept or idea is hard for people to understand or implement, it won't succeed. The more steps there are in a process, and the more people involved, the more chance there is of failure.

2. Make it shareable
Tell us in a straightforward format. Make it succinct and be sure to tell us how you benchmarked the success of this idea. We want a couple of sentences, not a couple of pages. If you have more information or additional resources, you can include a link or contact information.

Example: A quick and fun way to raise money is through birthday donations. At weekly meetings, if someone is having a birthday, they make a donation that corresponds to their age. If they are 30, they donate $30. If they are 56, they donate $56. We raise approximately $xx a month with this idea.

The example is simple, straight to the point, and you can reach out to the Rotarian who submitted it for more information.


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